The museum’s exhibits form an interactive game that will guide you through an entire story from the collisions of planets and asteroids, to mass extinctions of animals and the formation of moldavite, its properties and use in jewellery.

What you will see

The unique semi-precious moldavite gemstones were formed 15 million years ago when a huge meteorite crashed into the territory of modern-day Bavaria, from where a catastrophic explosion hurled them up to a distance of 400 km. Although people found pieces of clear green glass in South Bohemia in ancient times, their origin long remained a mystery.

You can experience the moldavite story through a modern interactive exhibition. You will take a virtual journey to the most beautiful craters on Earth, experience the very creation of an impact crater, and you can even throw a meteorite onto a globe and see what will happen.

You can borrow texts to accompany the exhibits in the following languages: Czech, German, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Dutch.

A tour of the museum can also be arranged outside opening hours.

Admission is free for group guides of 10 people or more.


  • suitable for children
  • credit/debit cards
  • school programmes

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