Český Krumlov Region

The Český Krumlov region is one of nine certified tourist areas in South Bohemia. It belongs among the most attractive regions in the Czech Republic and offers a wide scale of attractions, from beautiful nature through popular canoeing on the Vltava River to lots of beautiful building monuments.

While you can enjoy the history and Renaissance atmosphere in Český Krumlov, the surrounding area offers numerous further opportunities for trips, walking and hiking tours, cycling, water sports, as well as golf and fishing. Architectonic and artistic monuments, including remnants of Celtic settlements, ruins, castles, châteaus, monasteries and churches, can also be found there. You can see all of this and other interesting sights when travelling around the Český Krumlov region.

Popular tourist destinations in the region 

Zlatá Koruna (8 km north-east of Český Krumlov). The former monastery in Zlatá Koruna is one of the most valuable complexes of Gothic architecture in Central Europe. If you use your imagination a little bit here, you can imagine the life of Cistercian monks many centuries ago.

Kleť (9 km north of Český Krumlov). During your holiday in Český Krumlov you should not miss Kleť mountain and a visit to the oldest viewing tower in Bohemia. In good weather you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Alps.

Boletice (9 km west of Český Krumlov). You can set off on a trip along a new bike trail directly from the centre of Český Krumlov to the Boletice Military Training Area. This is a relatively large area with preserved nature and, in regards to monuments, we should mention the Church of St. Nicholas. The originally Roman building from the 2nd half of the 12th century with a late-Gothic reconstruction from the 15th century is considered the oldest sacral monument in South Bohemia.

Dívčí Kámen (11 km north-east of Český Krumlov). Dívčí Kámen is the largest medieval stronghold ruin in the country promising a romantic experience. It is situated on top of a high rock cliff above the confluence of the Vltava River and Křemežský stream. Built between 1350 and 1360, the Rožmberk noble family left the stronghold in 1506, and it has remained unmaintained ever since.

Lipno (22 km south-west of Český Krumlov). Thanks to the close and easily accessible Lipno Lake, the largest water reservoir in the Czech Republic (4,870 ha), Český Krumlov is a good starting point for trips connected with various water sports and fun activities.

Rožmberk Castle (23 km south of Český Krumlov). A well-known dominant above the Vltava River for canoeing lovers, and an unforgettable experience for visitors of the castle who can partake in one of the guided castle tours, the nightly versions of which offer a particularly interesting scenic performance. An especially designed programme for children is also of great interest. Another sight worth seeing is the newly reconstructed Jakobínka Tower.

Vyšší Brod Monastery (28 km south of Český Krumlov). The Cistercian Monastery of Vyšší Brod was founded by the Rožmberk family in 1259. Under the floor of the monastery church, the crypt of the Rožmberk family, interwoven with legends, is hidden. The postal museum that found a refuge in the monastery is also worth visiting.