Cycling to the surroundings of Český Krumlov

Biking in the surroundings of Český Krumlov, source: DMO Český Krumlov Region, z. s., photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Get on your bike and let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque landscape and beauty of Český Krumlov. The whole region hides many treasures - architectural and natural, known and undiscovered.

A trip in the footsteps of ancient history

You will travel to the "Golden Crown", where you will enjoy a visit to the local monastery, one of the jewels of Gothic architecture in Central Europe. Another sight on the route is the romantic ruins of the Dívčí kámen Castle from the early 16th century, and you can also stop at the remains of the Celtic oppidum in Třísov.

A short and easy circuit that even children can handle

From Krumlov, you will follow the Polečnice stream to the Graphite Mine and along a comfortable asphalt road to Petráškův Dvůr campsite. From there you continue through Lazec to Vyšný, where your children can play on the playground. The return journey to the town is downhill.

A trip for fit cyclists

Especially for the first approximately 12 km long section to Klet', the trip is suitable for more experienced cyclists. The elevation gain from the start to the top of Klet is 617 metres. The relaxing return journey takes you to the large castle park in Červený Dvůr.

Combined trip by train and bike

From Krumlov, take the train to the Hodňov, where you can walk the nature trail around the Olšina pond. To Krumlov, cycle through the beautiful countryside along the Boletice military area towards Kájov.

Zátoň, Světlík, Pasovary, Slavkov...

Have you ever heard of these places? After 1989, some of them disappeared from the map for good, but fortunately they could come back to life again. But they have certainly not become tourist destinations, so you can enjoy the picturesque South Bohemian countryside undisturbed.

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