St. Martin's Day menus & young wines

St. Martin's Day menus and other autumn specialities in local restaurants and cafés

Restaurant Jelenka, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
homemade goose pâté with fig chutney and white bread, thick goose soup with liver dumplings and homemade noodles / goose leg confit, red and white cabbage, traditional potato dumplings / chocolate tart with strawberries, plum cheesecake / St. Martin's wine

Hostinec Glockner, Svachova Lhota | November 10–13
goose liver pâté marinated in port wine and cognac with cranberries / thick creamy goose soup with vegetables, peas and noodles / goose leg confit with potato dumplings, yeast dumplings and red cabbage with apple, star anise and St. Martin's wine; filleted duck breast with port wine sauce, Brussels sprouts and potato-pumpkin purée / homemade poppy seed cake with plum jam and rum sauce / St. Martin's wines from the Grmolec family winery

Papas Living Restaurant, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
thick goose soup / flambéed goose liver and homemade bread / goose leg, cabbage, variety of dumplings / goose roulade with chestnut stuffing, potato-pumpkin purée / potato pancakes with plum jam and poppy seeds

Café Kolektiv, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
young St. Martin's wines

Restaurant Vyšehrad, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
young St. Martin's wines

Restaurant Šatlava, Český Krumlov November 10–14
giblets soup with noodles / ¼ baked goose, cabbage, dumplings / pear pie

Restaurant Maštal, Český Krumlov | November 10–14
fine giblets soup / ¼ Golden-roasted geese, variations of dumplings, red cabbage with apple / apple strudel with vanilla sauce

Retro Café, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
strong beef broth with liver dumplings / goose pâté with almonds, served with cranberries and crusty homemade bread / goose leg confit served with red and white cabbage, a mix of dumplings / homemade plum jam pockets, sprinkled with roasted breadcrumbs and cottage cheese and topped with butter / St. Martin's wines from the Vajbar winery

Hotel U Matěje, Černice | November 10–13
homemade pâté / goose broth / roast goose, red cabbage, potato dumplings and walnut stuffing / young St. Martin's wine

Restaurace 99, Český Krumlov | November 10–13
thick goose soup / goose leg confit / red cabbage / Carlsbad dumplings and potato dumplings / pulled goose burger / homemade chips / quesadillas with goose meat / St. Martin's wines

Don't miss out

Arrival of St. Martin and festive opening of St. Martin's wine | November 11, from 11:11 
traditional opening of the first young wines, associated with St. Martin's arrival at Svornosti Square

Chateau Wine Celebration | November 19, 14:00–22:00
varied presentation of local and foreign wines with tasting

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