St. Martin's Goose menus & young wines

St. Martin's Day menus and other autumn specialities in local restaurants and cafés

Pizzeria Latrán | November 9 - 12
goose soup / delicate goose pate with nut crumble and roasted onions with cherry sauce / glazed goose breast in port wine and cherries with sweet potato puree and herb oil with roasted fermented onions / tender confit foie gras with burnt cabbage, cabbage espuma and gingerbread gnocchi / crumble with pear puree with poppy seeds, fresh pear carpaccio and caramel

Tenis-Centrum Restaurant | November 9 - 12
goose soap / slow roasted goose leg, red cabbage, potato dumpling / pancakes with pears with sour cream

Papas Living Restaurant | November 10 - 12 
flambéed goose liver, homemade bread / pumpkin cream soup with ginger / confit foie gras, red and white cabbage and variations of homemade dumplings / goose breast sous-vide, pumpkin grits / poppy seed pannacotta / St. Martin's wines

Krumlovsky Mlyn Restaurant | November 10 - 12 
rillettes with plucked goose meat, red onion, cornichons, bread / goose soup with celestine noodles and root vegetables / roasted 1/4 goose, gingerbread red cabbage, potato lox / pear poached in wine, vanilla curd, caramelized nuts / St. Martin wines

Maštal Restaurant | November 10 - 12 
goose soup with dumplings and noodles / foie gras pate with cranberries and toast / confit foie gras with potato pancakes, red cabbage and roasted onion + 0,1dcl of young wine / walnut cake with whipped cream

Šatlava Tavern | November 10 - 12 
goose soupe with noodles / goose pate with baguette and cranberries / roasted confit goose leg, red cabbage, dumpling / apple cake with caramel

Food & Wine Bar Klika | November 10 - 12
goose soup / garlic soup with smoked meat, cheese and croutons / homemade pâté with foie gras, almonds, cranberries and bread / bread with plucked foie gras, onion, parmesan, dip and microgreens / bagel with plucked foie gras on Guinness, onion, dijon mustard dressing, field greens, roasted potatoes with cream, salad / lox with plucked foie gras, red cabbage with gingerbread, roasted onions / veggie lox with onions, smoked cheese, salad and dip / sweet lox with vine nuts and whipped cream / St. Martin's wines

Caffé Klášter | November 10 - 12
warm goose greaves / confit foie gras with lox and Christmas cabbage / yeast cakes with jam

Zdroj Restaurant | November 11 - 12
homemade pate, cranberries, herb baguette / goose soup with noodles / 1/4 goose roasted and confit overnight, variation of cabbage and dumplings / flambéed caramelised burning apple with walnut ice cream / St. Martin's wines

Jelenka Restaurant | November 11 - 12
homemade foie gras pate with fig chutney, white bread / goose soup with liver dumplings and homemade noodles / confit foie gras, red and white cabbage, tripe / cheese cake / cheesecake with plums / St. Martin's wine

Depo Pub | November 11 - 12 
roasted goose liver on red wine with homemade bread / goose soup with speck dumpling / roast goose, red and white cabbage, bun dumpling and lokše / goose roulade with chestnut stuffing, red cabbage, bread dumpling and lokše / slow roasted pork belly, white cabbage and fried potato dumpling / roasted carp with dill sauce and roasted potatoes / speck with roasted pumpkin / plum curd dumpling with poppy seed and vanilla sauce 

Barvírna Restaurant | November 9 - 12  
foie gras pate with Port wine and cognac, pear chutney, white bread / goose soup with bun / roasted goose breast cooked using the sou vide method, plum sauce, potato jerk / confit foie gras, orange red cabbage, homemade bacon dumpling / vanilla shortcake with raspberry sauce and sour cream / St. Martin's wines

Don't miss out

Arrival of St. Martin and festive opening of St. Martin's wine | November 11, from 11:11 
traditional opening of the first young wines, associated with St. Martin's arrival at Svornosti Square

Chateau Wine Celebration | November 25, 14:00–22:00
varied presentation of local and foreign wines with tasting

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