Easter and spring on a plate

Easter and spring specialties offered by local restaurants and cafes

Drunken Coffee, Český Krumlov
2. - 10. 4.
carrot cake, moss cake and other spring cakes / spinach soup with egg, carrot cream, vegetable broth / lemonades and drinks made from Krumlov Limoška syrup / salty cake with spinach / sourdough bread with egg spread / Easter special green beer 

Pivoňka Restaurant, Český Krumlov
6. – 10. 4.
veal tartare with horseradish foam, loaded shallots and quail egg served with Krumlov sourdough bread / asparagus soup with a dollop of cream and chives / rabbit steak marinated in bear garlic pesto with warm mustard sauce and mashed potatoes with young spinach / large leaf salad with spring vegetables and egg fried in herb breadcrumbs with basil dip / cabbage salad with fennel, blood orange and mint

Restaurant Jelenka, Český Krumlov
6. – 10. 4.
lamb knee in red wine, creamed spinach, baked potato / baked pork tenderloin on mushroom ragout, sweet potato puree / Easter green beer from Krumlov | Easter menu

Restaurant Zdroj, Český Krumlov
6.–10. 4.
Easter fish soup / traditional Easter carp / spring egg poached / young meat - rabbit and lamb specialties / roasted chicken with Easter stuffing / green beer (Krumlov Easter special from the local brewery)

Bistro Měšťák, Český Krumlov
6. - 10. 4.
cream of pea with bread croutons / creamy chicken Florentine with home made potato wedges and vegetable garnish / Easter surprise dessert / soft drink / coffee or tea included | Easter menu

Café Kolektiv, Český Krumlov
6. - 10. 4.
Breakfast special: Easter stuffing baked in butter, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, Easter desserts

Food & Wine Bar Klika, Český Krumlov
6. - 10. 4.
green cream soup with egg and croutons / honest garlic soup with smoked cheese / bread with egg spread and microgreens / spring vegetable salad with radishes, peas, fresh cheese from the farm and homemade stuffing / chicken roulade, baked potato chips, stuffing / homemade meatloaf, potato salad

Pizzeria Latrán, Český Krumlov
6. - 10. 4.
radicchio Easter head (stuffing with smoked meat, nettles, bear garlic) with boiled potatoes and small mixed salad, saltimbocca Alla Romana with pea puree and fox demi-glace, traditional green pea pudding with smoked meat and roasted onions, raspberry Pavlova with white chocolate and mascarpone cream and chocolate eggs

Restaurant Šatlava, Český Krumlov
7. – 10. 4.
Easter vegetable soup with nettle roll / grilled leg of lamb with horseradish and potato puree / baked rabbit leg with Easter stuffing / homemade cottage cheese spread with marmalade | Easter menu →

Restaurant Maštal, Český Krumlov
7. – 10. 4.
spring vegetable soup / grilled lamb chop in red wine with spinach and mashed potatoes / roasted baby chicken with mashed potatoes / homemade cottage cheese spread with raisins | Easter menu →

Papas Living Restaurant, Český Krumlov
7. – 10. 4.
creamy soup with wild garlic / knee of lamb, mashed potatoes with young spinach / baby chicken, stuffing with nettle / pistachio tiramisu

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