Svatováclavské menu & podzimní speciality

St. Wenceslas menu and other autumn specialties in restaurants and cafes in Český Krumlov:

Pivoňka Restaurant | 28 September – 1 October
soup made of roasted tomatoes, peppers and pumpkin / veal tartare with horseradish mayonnaise and pickled shallots, slice of sourdough bread from Krumlov / carp steak with garlic dip and roasted potatoes / carrot cake with salted caramel / plum sorbet / aronia lemonade

Maštal Restaurant | 28 September – 1 October
soup according to the daily menu / roast duck with red cabbage and dumplings / homemade plum cake | download menu

Šatlava Tavern | 28 September – 1 October
soup according to the daily menu / beef and pork ribs, chicken leg with mustard, horseradish, bread and coleslaw / plum cake | download menu

Papas Living Restaurant | 28 September – 1 October
cream soup with mushrooms and dill / potato dumplings stuffed with smoked meat / beef goulash, dumpling with herbs, red onion / pikeperch fillet with pumpkin puree / homemade plum cake with crumble and vanilla ice cream | download menu

Caffé Klášter | 29 September - 1 October
plum dumplings, sandwiches, bakery products and other sweet and savoury delicacies

Don't miss

Garden Wine Tasting | 30 September 14:00–22:00
wine tasting in the Monastery Garden: rosé, white and red wines from Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Italy, Germany and Spain / small cold and hot refreshments

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