Within its programme, the monastery area in Český Krumlov offers the possibility to visit several artisan workshops. Bring your children and come take a look at artisans skilled in glass-making, dyeing, bag-making, and blacksmith workshops. The artisans will certainly let you try out their crafts and create a small souvenir for yourselves.

What you will see

At the Pimpinella Glass Studio, Lucie Lukášková works with fire with temperatures of up to 1500° C. If you are not afraid, come and try out your own craftsmanship when manufacturing beads from a special lightweight glass.

In the dyeing workshop, Kristýna Blažková paints on silk and produces dresses and hats from merino wool or decorative mandalas.

In the saddler, bag and shoemaker workshop, at the corner of Latrán and Řemeslná Street, you can observe the works of Eduard Hubat, Tereza Dominová, and Václav Franč. Discover various leather accessories and creative authors’ works.

The Héfaistos forge has been run for four years by Pavel Tröster and Tomáš Krejča. Come and see how red-hot iron gets transformed into various metal objects: forged jewellery, candlesticks, racks, armour, and replicas of weapons.

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