A monastery and castle ruin in one day

A trip to the most important monuments around Český Krumlov.

From Krumlov, pass through Srnín to Zlatá Koruna, where you can visit the local monastery, one of the jewels of Gothic architecture in Central Europe. Then continue along the undulating cycle path or the red trail (more difficult terrain) through Plešovice to the romantic ruins of Dívčí kámen Castle and then to Holubov. Here you can take the train to Krumlov, or cycle further to Krasetín and continue along the Kleť hillside to Krumlov. You’ll be rewarded with a final descent to the town center.


Český Krumlov

From the centre of Krumlov, head towards Nádražní Předměstí.


Nádražní Street



Before you join the Vltava Trail 7, EV7, Greenway RD above Krumlov, which will lead you through Srnín to Zlatá Koruna, you will pass through the Cvičák natural monument. The area used to be a military training ground, hence its name.



The village of Srnín was founded as part of the colonization activities of the “Golden Crown” Monastery and the first written mention of it dates back to 1400.


Zlatá Koruna

The Cistercian “Golden Crown” monastery is one of Central Europe’s most valuable Gothic architecture complexes. It still retains much of its original medieval atmosphere even after the order ended in 1785. Today it is administered by the National Heritage Institute.

Continue along cycle path no. 1127 or the red hiking trail (more difficult terrain) in the direction of Plešovice.



The small village of Plešovice boasts its own model of a South Bohemian village. All the model houses are made of bricks, mortar and stucco. The model was built by Mr. Jiří Bauer and stands in his garden where you can see it.



Stay on cycle route 1127 and through the village of Třísov you will reach the ruins of the Gothic castle Dívčí kámen. Immediately after the turn from Třísov you will see the niche chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. Třísov is also known for the remains of a Celtic oppidum, which is one of Europe's unique monuments in terms of its importance and size.


Dívčí Kámen Castle

A tour of the ruins of the Gothic castle Dívčí kámen is definitely worth it. It was built in the years 1350-1360, but in 1506 the Rosenberg estate left it and no longer maintained it. The ruin towering on a high rocky promontory above the confluence of the Vltava and Křemežský brook is today an embodiment of wild romance, history and nature blend here in perfect harmony.



Continue along the Křemežský brook to the village of Holubov. If you have already covered 20 km, you can get on the train here and be taken to Krumlov. Otherwise, continue cycling to Krasetín.



After the climb from Holubov to Krasetín, a pleasant descent back to Český Krumlov awaits you. (Krasetín is located at the foot of Mount Klet' and if you have the time and inclination, you can be taken to its top with your bicycles by chairlift. It is open daily in the summer season, from October only on weekends and public holidays.)


Český Krumlov

  • map
  • cycling
  • medium
  • 33 km
  • 684 m
  • asphalt, forest path
  • 3 - 3,5 hours
  • nature
  • sights
  • sport
  • suitable for children
  • refreshments en route

If you don't like cycling

In addition to convenient transport by car, the monastery in Zlatá Koruna and the Dívčí kámen Castle can also be reached by train: the monastery is 1.8 km from the Zlatá Koruna stop, Dívčí kámen is 1.5 km from the Třísov stop.