The 3+ Gallery is part of the Monasteries of Český Krumlov. It is a place where you can dream with your eyes open, where children come first, and where you will discover a collection of the finest children's book illustrations from the whole world. The 3+ Gallery is a paradise of exhibitions, interactive displays and craft workshops.


The collection of children's illustrations, the first in the 3+ Gallery's series of exhibitions, represents nearly a quarter of the largest international collection of original children's book illustrations in Europe, assembled by Otakar Božejovský von Rawennoff, co-founder of the successful Swiss publishing house Bohem Press. In addition to a digest of the exceptional collection of originals, the exhibition also presents the inspiring story of two Czech emigrants, Jindra Čapek and Štěpán Zavřel, who made millions of children all over the world happy with their books. The accompanying programme is also dedicated to children.

Interactive expositions

A space full of creative workshops where you can dream with your eyes open, explore, play and create. All this is provided by the interactive exhibition with a historical playroom, where especially children will find the best entertainment. They can try on Gothic or Renaissance costumes, discover the magic of book printing, become a scribe in the Scriptorium, learn about the healing effects of herbs or enter the Alchemy Laboratory underground. A puppet theatre, Leonardo's inventions and wooden toys will keep the little ones entertained, while the more adventurous can embark on the mysterious Dance Macabre trail hidden in a unique mediaeval truss.

Craft workshops

Enter the world of the imagination through the craft alley and come with your children to peek into the glassmaking, dyeing, basketry, blacksmithing, pottery or bookbinding workshops. Skilled craftsmen will let you try your hand at traditional crafts and make your own products during the workshops. Try dyeing silk, binding books, creating various leather accessories, spinning on a potter's wheel or working with hot iron or with fire at 1500 °C to make beads from special lightweight glass. Each of our workshops is unique and will reveal the specific craft techniques. Every craft is art and art is the 3+ Gallery.

The monastery complex also hosts the Monastery Museum with an exhibition called 'Life and Art in the Monasteries of Český Krumlov' and a café offering visitors a rest indoors or in an outdoor atrium, as well as accommodation in four apartments.


  • suitable for children
  • credit/debit cards
  • conference rooms
  • school programmes

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