The Chapel in the municipal park was established in 1585 as a wooden cemetery chapel. The construction of the new brick chapel of St. Martin dates back to the year 1717

History and Architecture

The Chapel is a one-nave oblong building with a three-sided presbytery and an axial eastern sacristy. The three-axial western façade with rounded corners is topped by a shield gable with volutes and niches cut inside the round corners.

In 1892, the cemetery around the Chapel was decommissioned and in 1908, it was connected to a former Jesuit garden – it gave rise to the municipal park we are familiar with today. Since 1969, the Chapel has been used by the Czechoslovak Hussite Church.

Currently, the premises of the Chapel are occasionally used for concerts of spiritual music, as well as for wedding ceremonies.

Opening hours

The interior of the Chapel is normally unavailable to the public and a tour is only possible upon prior agreement.
Contact: +420 721 470 558, Pelzová Hana 

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