Hike to Cross Mountain and back to the centre via Upper Gate

The walk leads to a Baroque pilgrimage site on Křížová hora (Cross Mountain), a spiritual site with strong energy and romantic views of the surrounding area.


Svornosti Square

From the square you will go along Horní Street past the Prelature of Krumlov (today the seat of the Municipal Library), the viewpoint in the Seminary Garden and along the Regional Museum.


Municipal Theatre

Turn right at the Municipal Theatre onto Roosevelt Street.


Rooseveltovova Street

Rooseveltova Street, formerly Dolní Street, was one of the main historic access routes into downtown leading to the city gate.


Objížďková Street

From Rooseveltova Street, cross over at the traffic lights to Křížová Street. The former direct connection between the two streets was severed in 1964 by the newly constructed Objížďková Street.


Stations of the Cross

Continue along Křížova Street to the first niche chapel of the Seven Stations of the Cross in Český Krumlov. At the church, turn right along Stinná Street and continue up the slope of Křížová Hora. Among the niche chapels dating from 1750-1755, the sixth in order with a painting depicting the Virgin Mary with the crucified Jesus is the most interesting.

Stations of the Cross

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Cross

The seventh stop and the heart of the pilgrimage area is the octagonal chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Cross from 1710. It is surrounded by a green area and an octagonal ambit (covered pilgrimage corridor) with arcades. The ambulatory was added in 1715-1720. The grounds are open to the public on weekends and holidays.


Lookout point on the top of the Křížová hora

The reward for climbing to the top of Křížová hora is a beautiful view of Český Krumlov and the nearby Klet'. For those who are not familiar with the local history of Krumlov, there is an information board with a panoramic photo of the town, where all visible points of interest are marked and described.

Lookout point on the top of the Křížová hora

Hornobranský Pond

Go back to the centre by taking the red light through the Horní Brána district. In summer, you can enjoy swimming in the Hornobranský Pond, which also has a playground with a climbing wall and a volleyball and beach volleyball court.


Municipal Office Český Krumlov

Continue around the pond towards the Municipal Office building. It is part of a complex of buildings from the late 1970s on the embankment of Hornobránský Pond. It was designed by Bohumil Böhm, a South Bohemian architect who also designed the Luna cinema in Krumlov.

Municipal Office Český Krumlov

Rybniční and Příkrá Streets

After the Municipal Office, continue along Rybniční and Příkrá streets, which are lined with first republic villas typical of the Horní Brána district.


Viewpoint above the bus station

From Příkrá Street, continue along Kaplická Street and take a small detour to the viewpoint above the bus station. You will have one of the most beautiful views of the city centre and the castle.

Viewpoint above the bus station
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