Within its programme, the monastery area in Český Krumlov offers the possibility to visit several artisan workshops. Bring your children and come take a look at artisans skilled in glass-making, dyeing, bag-making, and blacksmith workshops. The artisans will certainly let you try out their crafts and create a small souvenir for yourselves.

Try dyeing silk, binding books, creating various leather accessories, spinning on a potter's wheel, working with hot iron or with fire at a temperature of 1500°C to make corals from special lightweight glass. Each workshop is unique and will reveal the specific technique of the craft. Each craft is art and art is 3+ Gallery.

The workshops are part of the 3+ Gallery, which also includes a 500 m2 exhibition space with the current exhibition of a collection of the finest children's book illustrations and an Interactive exhibition with historical playground.

The monastery complex also includes the Monastery Museum with the exhibition Life and Art in the Krumlov Monasteries, a café offering visitors a quiet indoor or outdoor atrium, and accommodation in the form of four apartments.

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