Spring in Český Krumlov

Spring in Český Krumlov, photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Wander through spring Krumlov with us, explore its architecture, hidden corners and gardens. Take a trip or walk to the surrounding areas of Krumlov, they are colourful and have something to offer at every time of the year.

Exploring art and history

While waiting for the real spring, it's a good idea to use the Český Krumlov Card, which gives you access to five museums and galleries in one ticket. On 1st April, the traditional tour routes of the castle reopen, the Egon Schiele Art Centre is opening a new exhibition, and art and architecture can be discovered and admired in the surrounding region.

Gardens awaken

Visitors come to Český Krumlov for historical sights and culture. Not many of them realize that the town has amazingly rich natural surroundings and that you can encounter nature and greenery even inside the town, in several gardens and parks. In addition, there is also a large castle garden, which opens its gates every year on 1st April.

Discover Krumlov and its surroundings

Head to the streets of Krumlov and let yourself be pampered by the colourful atmosphere of this historic town. Explore the lesser-known corners and see Krumlov from a different perspective. For example, through the eyes of Karel Čapek, following in the footsteps of beer or modern architecture. Yes, we have that here too. You can also take a trip or walk to the surrounding area to see the architectural and natural beauty of the landscape.

Enjoy food and drinks

The gastronomic scene in Český Krumlov has been growing and changing recently. There are new bistros, but also classic pastry shops, restaurants with Czech and international cuisine.