Český Krumlov with kids

Český Krumlov and UNESCO, source: DMO Český Krumlov, z.s., photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Have fun in Český Krumlov and its colourful surroundings with your whole family and enjoy a time of relaxation and joy. On this page you will find tips on activities, sights, cultural and other events that your children – and you along with them - will definitely enjoy.

Visiting museums is fun!

Visiting a museum or gallery in Krumlov is fun. Have your picture taken with famous people and celebrities - they are waiting for you at the Wax Museum. Try a bit of theatre  - with the original puppets in the Fairytale House. Put on a period costume and have your photo taken just like a hundred years ago - at the Museum Fotoatelier Seidel. And much more...

Krumlov Monasteries offer a different historical experience

Do you think you could handle living in the Middle Ages? You can try it in the Krumlov Monasteries. Have your children ever worn a real chain mail shirt or played with the toys that the children of noblemen used to play with? What about mums, aren't you tempted to make your own perfume? The interactive exhibits make the time just fly by. Should it all be too long for dad, simply send him to the blacksmith’s forge shop in the Craft Alley or to the brewing exhibition to make him happy.

Children's playgrounds

You can easily find playgrounds in the very centre of Krumlov. As you wander the Krumlov streets and alleys, you'll find several larger or smaller playgrounds.  As many cafés, bistros and restaurants are close by, a chance to have a drink, ice cream or a little something to eat won’t let you or your kids go hungry or thirsty during your play time.


Wander around Krumlov with your children, explore its architecture, nooks and crannies, gardens and nearby surroundings in a fun way. As you walk through the castle grounds, be sure to greet our bears in the castle moat.

Best trips for kids

The countryside around Krumlov offers countless possibilities for various trips, whether you head north, south, east or west. One trip not to miss is a trip to the nearby Klet' mountain, from where you can see the Alps in good weather. To return, rent a kickbike, and enjoy the ride down the hill. These trips are hits among kids!