Discover the wintry face of Krumlov and its surroundings

Český Krumlov in Winter, photo by: Tomáš Perzl

Winter suits Krumlov! Dressed in winter cloak, the castle on the rocky promontory above the Vltava river’s meanders is even more majestic than usual. The biting frost paints unique patterns on the window panes of the old townhouses. Museums and galleries provide passers-by with a warming dose of artistic experience...

Discovering art and history

There is a lot to admire in Krumlov. Every house here is a work of art with a piece of history. Walking through the castle grounds, you will discover a whole range of artistic styles from previous centuries. Although the chambers and halls of the château remain closed in winter, the Castle Museum offers you a chance to become acquainted with the most important families of the Krumlov estate. The unique monasteries of Krumlov, with remarkable exhibitions and captivating stories with a touch of mystery await you, while galleries and museums attract with interesting exhibitions and displays of well-known and lesser-known artists...

In pursuit of the monastery secret

When visiting Krumlov, do not miss the Krumlov monasteries. Families with children in particular will appreciate experiencing history in an unusual way. Enticing exhibitions, creative workshops or fun games will keep you busy for half a day. Young and older ones alike can experience for themselves what it is like to wear a real nobleman's attire, play with toys that the children of noblemen used to play with, or mix a secret alchemical potion.

„Only“ a century ago

If you visit the Museum Fotoatelier Seidel, you will be able to leave Krumlov with a stylish period experience. As soon as you cross its threshold, you will be taken a century back. The exhibition will surprise you with its authenticity, a wealth of unique period photographs, preserved functional cameras and a darkroom. The legacy of the Seidel father and son, as well as the view of the impressive St. Vitus Church from the studio, will remain in your mind long after you return home.

Romantic walks through Krumlov’s wintry streets

The winter mood in the streets of the city will definitely not let you sleep for long. Even more so if fresh snow has fallen outside. Walking through the wintry streets and taking in the breathtaking views of the snow-covered castle will leave you spellbound. It's hard to find a place in Krumlov where you can't admire the frosty beauty of Krumlov's sights. If you make it up the 162 steps of the castle tower, you will be rewarded by the beautiful scenery of the town and its surroundings. Wrapped in a winter cloak, they have their own unmistakable charm.

Winter views outside the town

Did you know that the Klet' mountain is only 8 kilometres from the Krumlov castle? The highest peak of the Blanský Forest attracts with its fantastic views in every season. A winter hike will reveal unusual views of the natural scenery and the surrounding landscape and will guarantee a lot of fun, for example, when looking for tracks of game in the snow. Deep forests, vast natural parks, the remains of Celtic settlements, ruins, churches, chapels - all this can be admired while wandering through the snow-covered landscape of Český Krumlov. Whichever direction you decide to take.

A bit of exercise

It’s possible to spend part of your holiday in Krumlov and its surroundings actively even in the winter. Do not let the low temperatures outside discourage you and go skiing. If you prefer to stay indoors, check out the local tennis center with three indoor courts (carpet) or take a swim in the pool. And if you want a bit more water fun, head to the aquapark in Frymburk, it's less than half an hour's drive away and both children and adults will enjoy it.

Delightful foods and drinks

Of course you will want to be rewarded for your determination to explore the corners of Český Krumlov and its attractions until your fingertips are frozen. When you can’t stand the cold any longer, you will find warmth one of the many cosy pubs and cafés. The gastronomic scene in Český Krumlov has been growing and changing recently. There are new bistros, classic patisseries, cosy pubs and restaurants with Czech and international cuisine.