Treat yourself to a warm and cosy atmosphere

The Advent season in the Czech Republic has its own unmistakable charm. Český Krumlov is no exception. The romantic spirit can be felt in all corners of this picturesque town.

Český Krumlov Advent programme

Your first steps upon arrival in pre-Christmas Krumlov will most definitely lead you to the scents and melodies of the Christmas market on Svornosti Square, where you will find varied delicacies, Christmas-themed products and traditional handicrafts. Cultural programme, Advent and Christmas events for the weekends have been arranged not only there, but are also held in many other places throughout the town.

Treats for the kids

The Advent programme also has children in mind – they will surely be excited by the St. Nicholas' treats give-away, the Father Christmas letter box, the Angel procession through the town and the Saturday programmes in the Monasteries. The whole family will enjoy Advent in Krumlov.

Just wandering through the town

Strolling through the quiet town and taking in the breath-taking views of the snow-covered castle and the rooftops of the historic centre will leave you spellbound. It's hard to find a place in Krumlov from which you can't admire the beauty of Krumlov's sights. Wrapped in a winter cloak, they have their own unmistakable charm.

Five exhibitions with just one ticket

Winter is the best time to visit museums and galleries. The majority of the heritage sites and exhibitions in Krumlov do not go into hibernation, so you can take refuge from the cold and enjoy a bite of culture. Take the opportunity to see the best with the discounted Český Krumlov Card. If you don't use up the entire card offer during your Advent visit, don't despair, you can use it for 12 months from the first entry.

Other sights and experiences